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Katrina Shaw

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Women Who Soar is a book collaboration project of women who stepped out on faith, launched their own businesses and released their dreams and purposes into the world. 

These powerful women have dispelled lies, overcome difficult challenges, refused to take no for an answer and are now soaring and creating the life they deserve. 

Their stories are moving, revealing, encouraging and empowering. They have resolved to use their testimony to pave the way for other women to soar into their destiny.

Women Who Soar
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In this book I share how I have overcome difficult challenges while being a Survivor to Thriving not only in health but through my life journey and purpose by using my gifted talent to be a blessing and inspiration to others.

We must be ‘Unshakable' in the belief that we can trust God through all circumstances in life.

"We all handle loss, grief and trials of life in different ways, but the true test of faith is how we respond to it when it comes." - Katrina Shaw

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